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Since in my early days at Junior High School, I’ve loved English and I’ve had interest in broader world outside Japan.

Aiming to work in international field in the future, after graduation form high school, I went to the United States and enrolled in college in Massachusetts where I studied for 1 year. After that, I transferred to Sophia University and I graduated with BA in Comparative Culture.

Sophia University is one of the several universities in Japan with a department offering curriculum all in English.

Later year, I entered Waseda University, aiming to be a Clinical Psychologist where I graduated with BA in Psychology.

I was later involved in the free counseling program for foreigners in Tokyo (Tokyo English Life Line) as a volunteer and I went through the trainings to be a counselor.

Over the course of 30 years, I’ve worked for Preparatory school for study overseas (preparation for TOEFL, etc.), an International humanitarian organization, an International organization, a publishing company and a university, dealing with foreign associates and customers.

Through various duties, which I was assigned in these work places, I’ve acquired experiences of communication, negotiation, interpretation, translation and also coordination in English with people with different backgrounds.

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