FAQ よくある質問


1. What should I expect after the first contact? 問い合わせ後の流れは?

I will contact you to confirm your request. It will be helpful if you can provide me with information on what you expect so that prior preparation can be made. Mainly the following points should be confirmed:


(1) Assistance Service 外国人サポートサービス:

Purpose, place, expected time duration, and requests in detail.


(2) Translation Service 翻訳サービス:

Type of document, Japanese to English or English to Japanese, volume and deadline.

文書の種類、翻訳の内容 (日本語から英語/英語から日本語)、分量、期限など。

2. What is the lead-time for translation? 翻訳納品までの日数は?

Translation will be ready for delivery within 1-3 days upon confirmation of your order. In case the original documents are in large volume, the deadline should be decided upon consultation, as it may require more time for preparation. In case of translation from Japanese to English. In case of translation from Japanese to English, translated material will be delivered upon proofreading by native English speaker.


3. How should I make payment? 支払い方法は?

Please kindly make payment by credit card online with the invoice that will be sent to you upon confirmation of your order. Payment deadline is the day the service is to be provided. In case of Assistance Service, you can choose to pay in cash or by credit card on the site.


4. What is included in the fee? 料金に含まれるものは?

Tax and transportation fees within the Tokyo area are included in the service fee.

料金には、税、交通費 (東京近郊のみ) が含まれています。

5. How will the transportation fee be handled if travel outside of Tokyo is involved? 東京近郊外や複数の場所への移動が必要な場合の交通費はどうなりますか?

In case travel outside of Tokyo or travel to multiple places are involved in cases of Assistance Services, I will need to ask you to shoulder the expenses incurred written on the additional invoice.


6. What is the “follow-up” service? フォローアップサービスとは何ですか?

Follow-up services will be provided for translation services, without any additional fee, for 2 weeks upon delivery of the translations. If you need any revisions, modifications or corrections, please feel free to contact me by emails with your request.